Thursday, May 6, 2010

Linky Love - Happy Thanksgiving?

Oh holy fuck.

No, I'm serious!

Oh. Holy. Fuck!

Click here because you've got to read this!

I'm still giggling like a fool.


  1. I never want to eat with that family, no matter how many pies they have. And what's up with fifteen pounds of mashed potato???

  2. I know, right!


    I think my faves are "NOT ALUMINUM FOIL" and "why do i even bother she will never read this." Well, no shit! Who would? Hell, I'd consider it a victory if she showed cuz I'm with you, M, there's no way you could get me to go to this dinner!

  3. For our next game night, I'm going to require you to bring exactly 27 baby carrots - no more, no less - individually prewashed and towel-dried, in a Gladware container with a lid. Please do not use the Ziploc brand (you know how Martie is).

  4. Ha! Awesome.

    What if I were to use ALUMINUM FOIL for the lid? Gah!