Monday, May 17, 2010

Accidental Celebrity

You watch a video like this and you can totally tell why it's become viral (btw, how many hits do you have to get for viral status?). You think, damn, this kid is fucking talented and everyone will enjoy this even if they've never heard the source song! Then you think, I wonder what the few visible audience members think of their accidental celebrity now that everyone on the webbie gets to watch them be awed. Then, if you're sgwordy, you think, I wonder if those two jizzwads who tried for almost the entire performance to not be impressed feel like, well, jizzwads now.


  1. I saw this last week and was amazed (whew! Passed the jizzwad test). Read this week that Greyson was on Ellen DeGeneres and Lady Gaga called in with all kinds of nice things to say. How cool for him!

  2. Heya Brooke! I would certainly be surprised if someone wasn't amazed but that, in itself, would not get jizzwad status* from me. It's that the girls clearly were impressed but felt they had to do some sort of too cool for skool thing and act like they weren't. lamers!!

    *I guess one must work very hard to reach such lofty status. ;)