Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rolle Model of the Century

I've posted about Myron Rolle before and it's time to link to another article about him (hat tip: Dr M) because holy shitballs this guy is amazing. Seriously! Is there a young person in your life that needs a role model? Would you like to be inspired? Look no further, Myron Rolle is that role model and that inspiration.

I've read lots of articles about Rolle but it wasn't until this one that I learned of the self-possession he feels he must maintain at all times to uphold a certain image. I admire his perseverance in such a thing but it also made me a little sad. It's like he can't just be super smart, super talented and a wonderful person; he also has to be without mistake. That's a hard row to hoe!

The interviewer asks him a lot of questions but one in particular that stuck with me related to the pressure he feels from everyone and so is he going after his goals for himself or for the perception of the greatness of those goals. His answer (emphasis mine):

I'd say it has part to do with the perceived notion that the Rhodes scholarship, the NFL, are outstanding achievements and agreed upon by the vast majority. To me, it's the highest level of my passions, my individual passions, in academics and in athletics.

 And that's why he's the role model of the century for me. Let's all be inspired by Rolle to reach the highest levels of our passions!

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