Wednesday, April 14, 2010

President Obama and his daughter read my favorite book!

I keep up with What is Stephen Harper Reading and if you check out Book Number 76 you can see a scan of the note that Mr. Obama wrote to Yann Martel (link in the first paragraph).

If you haven't read Life of Pi I highly recommend it! It's not only my favorite book but I'm pretty sure it's the best book I've ever read. There are so many things I love about it but one of its best features is how much your personal experience can alter your interpretation of the book.

Also, here's a link about Martel's latest book.


  1. I absolutely adored 'Life of Pi' and am always flabbergasted when someone says they couldn't get into it. I love that the Prez not only read it but put his appreciation in writing for the author - but I'm not following his example just yet. I think the topics are still a bit too mature for my own son.

    Just FYI; the other top, top books on my list include
    White Oleander
    Poisonwood Bible
    Fall on Your Knees
    The Book of Negroes

  2. I'm with you, M, I just don't understand how someone can't get into that book. I usu. tell folks to at least stick it out until the lifeboat. I can see how some readers might think the beginning is slow (it's one of those beginnings that's enriched by the ending) but the exquisite writing is, I think, enough to keep anyone reading. *sigh*

    Thanks SO much for sharing some of your favorites. I haven't read any of them and am looking forward to getting them. I have had Poisonwood Bible recommended several times but for some reason I can't get excited about the plot. The only Kingsolver I have read is Prodigal Summer and I loved it. Maybe I should trust in that and just go with the story in PB even if at first glance it doesn't appeal to me. :)