Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well, folks, it's happened! That's right! Mr Musacha, aka Scientist Gone Gamer, has moved into elite company.

If you think I'm going to spend a few moments on his achievements in pathways of oxidative stress and their relevance to myocardial infarction (heh, inFARCtion) then you're obviously confused as to where the Scientists' priorities lie.

What we like to talk about here are Achievements with a capital "A." Those precious points that Xbox gamers the world round know and love. And in the arena of Achievement Points Mr Musacha has hit 6 digits. So we here at sgwordy would like to honor this moment and achievement by hereby dubbing him Dr Musacha.

Dear Dr M, Now it's not just in real life that your years of dedication are recognized with that lovely little title but here in the digital world, as well.

But, seriously, congrats Jeff! That's really fucking awesome!


  1. Thanks sgwordy! It's been a long, ridiculous road to get to six digits but I finally made it. Seven digits, here I come! ;)

  2. Something I find amusing about all this is that I remember when 10,000 seemed like a lot! An order of magnitude greater was pretty far off... but now here you are! I suppose I shouldn't think another order of magnitude is impossible. Or wait, is it? Are there enough Xbox games in existence for 7 digits?

  3. Actually, no. It is currently not possible. But it will be in another couple years. Not that it matters, as it took me several years to get this digits would be DECADES away!

  4. Way to go Dr. M. I knew you could do it! How does it feel to be an award winning scientist and an award winning gamer?