Wednesday, March 24, 2010

IKEA scares me!

I am not yet equipped for solo expeditions to IKEA but THE TOT is doing her best to train me properly. To that end, she sends this article and says:

The ever-helpful commenters have some tips for navigating IKEA, e.g.:

Rules for shopping Ikea:

1) Have an idea of what you need. Share that need with a friend, or
chant it to yourself quietly as you enter.

2) Arrive at a time when not all creation is there yet. (At opening on
weekends, weekdays or any evening.) Caffeine's a big plus too.

3) Use the secret passageway directly to the marketplace if you are
not there for larger furniture items.

4) Focus.

5) Get a map and learn the wormholes that allow you to speed through
the maze, so that you can find the department you want.

6) Focus. Remember your chant. Find your buddy.

7) Skip the cafe. This place is about cheap materials -- don't ingest
the food equivalent of Gorm.

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