Sunday, January 31, 2010

Show Me the Funny!

Either they've stopped making funny movies or I've lost my sense of humor! What the crap is going on? Where have all the funny movies gone? I haven't finished the last six "comedies" I've started and that's just ridiculous!

Please help me! I need some suggestions for funny movies. Here's a list of my favorite comedies:

Sky High (2005)
Galaxy Quest (1999)
Office Space (1999)
Bad Boys (1995)
Major League (1989)
Princess Bride (1987)
Life of Brian (1979)
Some Like it Hot (1959)

I also think Stranger Than Fiction (2006), In Good Company (2004), and The Sandlot (1993) are funny but I wouldn't consider them comedies.

So, any suggestions?



Well, anything funny anyway... :-)

(thanks for the title Mr Musacha!)


  1. Have you seen Juno yet? Not technically a comedy but it's hilarious. Also try Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  2. I have seen Juno and I did like it. It was way better than I expected. I haven't seen the other...thanks much and I'm just off to add it to the netflix queue.