Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sgwordy says...

I will not watch Avatar!

I have known this for months but it has recently been brought to a head with all the "Avatar is the shit" blahdy blahdy blah going on.

Little known fact about sgwordy: I love watching movie trailers. Doesn't matter if I'm actually interested in the movie I will still watch the trailer. This is a little weekly tradition I have over at apple movie trailers. We get together every Tuesday (well, ok, Tuesday is when the new trailers come out but I usually watch them on Friday nights but that seems way more sad in print than in actual life so I wasn't going to admit to it but what the heck, right? we're all friends here) and catch up on the new trailers. Thing is that these trailers will often come out months in advance so I'm never quite sure how soon they'll be in theatres. In fact, I thought Avatar came out while I still lived in the Netherlands and that the holiday trailers were for the DVD. Yes, well, I got that worked out but now I wish it had come out while I was overseas because then I could have missed out on everyone telling me to see it.

The Avatar trailer is really very good. In only two minutes the entire plot is easily deduced with the inevitable ending practically hitting one between the eyeballs. I was pretty stunned that someone would actually go to the trouble of making a movie with this story (it's pretty out-dated and obvious at this point - or at least that's what I thought) and ranted a while to Mr Musacha about how effing stupid it was.

Admittedly I could be wrong about the plot since (to review) I will not watch Avatar but it turns out I'm not. I'm leaving the rest of this up to Filthy Critic as he did see it and details exactly the plot I deduced from the trailer and all of the problems with it. Couple things before I link:

-is more foul-mouthed and offensive than i am (filthy critic and all:)
-i take exception to the "basement" comment
-the back and forth with jimmy is tedious but the plot breakdown is worth it
-i love the fern gully comparison
-i was so right about the shitastic plot

Click here for the review


  1. Sgwordy, I'm shocked. I admit that the plot is not complicated, and therefore the story may be a little transparent, but you are missing out on why someone should go see this movie. It is PURE eye candy. I saw it in Imax 3D and I was amazed by the visuals they created for this film. I'm not just talking about special effects (big explosions and whatnot) but just the environment that created and the sandbox that the characters are playing around in. Also with the 3D the cameramen were able to create some great depth of field in several shots and really focus the viewer's eye. If you can find it within yourself to forgive all the holes in the story, you should treat your eyes to the imagery in Avatar. If you wait until it is on DVD you will miss out on the 3D goodness.

  2. Hey Chuck! I'm thrilled by a visit from the bucket!

    You will be disappointed in me though because I can't forgive the holes in the story. This problem o' mine is not limited to Avatar though if that makes you feel better. There are several things I can't forgive in movies that will make them immediately go to my must avoid list.

    Also, did you know I don't like watching movies in 3D or on IMAX screens? Horrors(!), I know, but there it is. There's an awesome-looking show coming out about the Hubble Telescope but I'll have to wait for DVD cuz it's an IMAX film.

    Hope you enjoy your re-watches of Avatar!