Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rolle Model of the Decade

Looking for a role model in your life? How about Myron Rolle?

He was a College Football All-American Safety for the Florida State Seminoles and a winner of the Rhodes Scholarship. He's decided to delay entering the NFL draft for a year to study at Oxford University. Oh, and he and his family are planning to build a free medical clinic in the Bahamas.

Holy hell, that is one impressive resume!


  1. I guess they don't allow you to smile at Oxford???

    P.S. My "word verification" to leave this comment is "brubtdep", which I have to argue is NOT in fact a word...

  2. I swear it's an athlete thing. I've noticed that athletes' pictures have got better these last years, though. I would guess it's cuz mom or dad was like, "Hey, your piccy is on TV and you look constipated, try smiling!"