Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Check out this great interview on Dr. King's legacy of service. I was particularly struck by this comment by Professor Peterson:

I think the impulse to honor Dr. King's legacy through service is very, very important. Although I will challenge folk that it's really sustained service. So, one day out of the year is not enough. That's not really honoring his legacy. That's kind of getting the community service vaccination shot, and then you kind of go back to your normal life.

Service has got to be not just the action but also a mind state and that's something that's got to be sustained over the course of the year, throughout your life. It's a very, very important act, particularly people of color and people who come from certain circumstances understand that service is what helps folk who are underprivileged to rise above and transcend their own circumstances.

There are several online databases for identifying volunteer needs in your community like and, but a simple Google search or visiting your city's website would probably also do the trick. Take this opportunity to be inspired by one of America's great leaders and connect with your community today and throughout the coming year. 

ETA: In Dr. King's own words: illustrating so many things, but also the importance of community, not only our own but the greater community of our nation.

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