Monday, January 4, 2010

Fashion Tips from Tales of Vesperia

I briefly mentioned that Mr M and I are working our way through the latest Tales. It's a slow process with considerable griping, in fact I sometimes wonder why we're still doing it. Then I think how sad it would be to go through life without seeing this:
It's hard to parse out this assault on the eyes but please let's note the following:

-heart-shaped peek-a-boo chest design
-spikey (and metal?), external shoulder pads
-matching (in color not spikes) cod piece


  1. Amazingly, this outfit manages to clash in style, color, and FUNCTIONALITY! The giant spiky shoulder pads and thick metal (but surprisingly it so his penmanship won't suffer while he's wearing them?) gauntlets say that he wants adequate protection in a fight. But the "please insert sword here to kill me" gap in his shirt says otherwise.

  2. lol!

    I guess "knife through the heart" takes on a double meaning here!