Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Hard to Have Principles, or Why Texting Ought to Be Free

a short history:
-sgwordy and family never use all the minutes on their cell phone plan even though they have the lowest one available
-sgwordy and family have record-holding amounts of rollover minutes
-sgwordy and family enjoy texting
-sgwordy has staunch hatred of "text plans" when texts really shouldn't be so expensive and besides she has buttloads of rollover minutes so why can't she trade in any of those
-sgwordy has been pushed to the brink by SPAM texters
[the third person business probably makes the crazy readily apparent]

sgwordy says (incoherently)...
Grrr! Grrr! The whole major fucking fail of the text industry in the US just drives me bonkers. So yet another month goes by where it's clear that we really should have a text plan. This would probably be a good idea regardless but it's mostly because of the junk texts. So yes, now we know these cost money (except for the ones from ATT). So anyway, we went over 5bucks ourselves but then the junk texts made it over 10. This is bullshit so I started doing some research and it appeared that major carriers allowed you to do a number block. So I go to ATT and find this option for them. Turns out the only option they have is a parental control type thing and it costs 5/month to block 10 numbers. So I'm like wtf I may as well get the text plan are you mofos in league with the spammers or what???? So I call to find out my options. The woman I was talking to (yet another great cust rep from ATT - they do have that going) gave me my options but the short of it is there is no option to block these numbers that doesn't cost money. I pretty pleased her to pass along the fuckwittery of this (but in a nicer way) to her superiors but really the only thing to do was get a text plan. Oh but wait! Here's a new way to screw you, Rachel!!! It's 5/month/number so if we both wanted it it would be 10/month. I am so opposed to this as it's ridiculous to pay the money we pay and have the rollover we have and yet have to pay more money for texts (familiar rant I know) so rather than spitting nails and going ape shit on the woman I just selected the text plan for you since you're getting the majority of the junk and send as many or more texts than me. But then, since I ruined the phone you liked and now you are running around with the turd phone you may never use it again. *sigh* cell phone plans are so fucked. they are worse than cable plans.

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