Thursday, December 3, 2009

Excuse me, Sir?

Do you even like books?

I enjoy patronizing my local bookstore. It's nice to meander around downtown then slip in the bookstore and browse around. In the spirit of 'shop local' I like to buy books there when I can. The day clerk has become a fascinating study for me. It's become abundantly clear that he doesn't like people much but now I'm starting to wonder if he even likes books.

As a book lover and buyer I tend to make small bookish chit-chat when purchasing a book. It's mostly to be friendly but also to get any feedback from the clerk regarding the title if she knows it, or similar authors if she has recommendations. I buy books in almost every genre so even if one particular purchase doesn't interest the store clerk I usually cycle around to something that will get her attention. Not so with my current enigma, hence my now wondering if he even likes books.

I do think that he's got me trained now. Come in, browse, ask for titles if I don't see them, use as few words as possible and avoid - at all costs - any comments that might be construed as outside the heading of business. Examples: how are you, have a nice day, have you read this book, do you know this author, etc.

Even Mr Musacha, unchattiest of the unchatties, would not be this reticent if, say, he worked in a video game store and someone asked about a game. So I can only assume that the above described clerk does not actually like books even though he works in a bookstore.

Research will continue. Must plan strategic phrases that may tempt him out of his people/book hating cocoon.

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