Friday, November 13, 2009

Prince of Persia

I think we all remember just exactly how much of a tool I am for Ubisoft but what the crap is up with Prince of Persia? This is a video game that Mr M has played in its various iterations and it has now been adapted for theatrical release. And if the "Sands of Time" subtitle is any indication they might have more movies planned.

Here are a couple screen shots from (to review) Prince of PERSIA:

And here are some shots of the stars from the movie (lest we forget) Prince of PERSIA:

Now, as one of the whitest Americans of Western European descent around it's not like I'm Ms. Ethnicity but what's with the ridiculous whitewashing?

For shame, Ubisoft and Disney!

It's a real bummer too as the movie looks pretty cool but I vote with my buck and my buck doesn't support shit like this!

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