Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Does juice counteract aging?

I'm getting old. I could look to the calendar for evidence of this but I need not. I simply have to get up. I keep finding myself immobilized after sitting in the same position for a while. I'm sitting, probably reading something on the internet (I loves me some internets), and then I get up and practically fall to the ground immediately because some part of me has become useless. It's not like in the old days (erm, young days?) when I would occasionally fall prey to a sleepy limb, no no, these are trickier times when the loss of limb use is a comlete mystery. I can't even pinpoint where the ache is coming from exactly but as I hobble around trying to make sense of it I can only assume it's because I'm getting old.

To make myself feel better I drink excellent Strawberry Orange juice.

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