Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Ken Doll

I've recently acquired an Amazon Kindle (version 1) from a friend. She was nice enough to give me all the gory details - pros, cons, or otherwise - of being a Kindle owner and user (hat tip: Cindy). She gave it rave reviews and also gave me a great deal. I have been curious to try out this eReader business and this was a great opportunity.

From the first I suspected it could be quite dangerous for me. I don't normally purchase a lot of books, I prefer to screen them via my local library and then only buy what I love and will re-read. This keeps my book costs down and my access to varied titles high. But with one-click purchasing over at Amazon I could bankrupt myself. As an iTunes user I know the allure of one-click buying (it almost doesn't feel real!) but music and movies don't hold the same power over me that books do. This suspected danger has borne itself out in less than a week of owning the Kindle.

I've one-clicked my way to way more titles than I really need at one time and have had to tell myself, with firmness, no more buying til all current titles are read. In fact, I probably shouldn't even visit Amazon until all current titles are read.

Well, wish me luck! I'm going to need it!

Note: My Kindle had a nickname before it even arrived. Perhaps the phonetic association is obvious but I don't think I would have dubbed it Ken Doll without Mr Musacha helpfully pointing out my "accent."

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