Saturday, March 21, 2009

boeken festijn

A traveling book festival visits a different town in the Netherlands or Belgium each month. It's filled with bookstore returns. Publishers guarantee their books so bookstores can send back anything that doesn't sell at the publishers cost. (Often the covers are ripped off to show that the book is to be returned, that's why there's that message about buying books without covers. Ripping off covers?!?!?! Horrors!)

The traveling book festival sells bookstore returns at greatly reduced prices (don't worry, they still have covers) and I got over 10 books today for less than 24euro. It was awesome! If this type of thing goes on in the States please send me a link or something because it's a great idea (remember, it's saving books from cover-rippage) and I would always go!

Ken Doll was indignantly silent as I displayed all my new books.

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