Friday, February 27, 2009

Unfair Prejudice

In my oh-so-witty off-the-cuff chatting I used this don't-you-wish-I-didn't-hyphen-so-much word-coupling.

And then of course followed it with 'vs. fair prejudice????'. b/c I really didn't have enough brain power at that moment to parse out the possibility of a fair prejudice so as to determine if unfair prejudice was possible or just redundant (to review: repetitive (shared hat: Maggie)).

Confused yet? Just you wait!

I went to a handy dictionary site and found this. So if the judgment was not adverse, not formed beforehand, or formed with knowledge than it would be a fair prejudice. Sadly, I do not think an unfair prejudice exists (to review: is extant) except when acting as Cpt. Obvious, but I could have said I have a fair prejudice.

Fair Prejudice.

This word-coupling will be entered into my vernacular!

(no suggestions of fancy couplings such as 'informed opinion' please)

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